Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A-Furnace part II

I didn't mean to do a part two, but I guess I can only post two pictures at a time on here.  Or maybe it's the length of the post.  Anyway, here is the completed A-blast furnace body.   It is shown on Mike Rabbit's plans of the prototype.  There is a HO ruler in there for scale, although the plans are HO scale, which makes life real easy.   I still need to drill the holes for the tuyeres - they will go around the second band from the bottom, with the iron and cinder notches below.  The break about a third of the way up is for the steel supports for the furnace.  Four uptakes will be also added to the conical section at top.    For all this work to replicate the prototype, as you can see from the plans, only about an inch or so near the top is outside of the enclosing structure. 

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