Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bethlehem Steel A Furnace

Shown in the photo t is the prototype for my A-Furnace.  It is the left most furnace with the three pass stoves (the ones with stacks on top).  There are actually four stoves - the fourth is next to the furnace, behind the others.  You can see the high-line in front of the stoves and the furnace.  In most cases the photo taker would be standing in the ore yard, but in this case, Bethlehem located the ore yard elsewhere and shuttled the coke, ore, and limestone from there on the high-line.  To the right of the furnace you can make out the downcomer and the dust catcher.  Beyond this is the cylindrical elevator serving A and B Furnaces and then B-Furnace proper.  Although I will have a B-Furnace on my layout, I am not using this B-Furnace as the prototype for that.   

I have started modeling the dust catcher and gas washing equipment related to A-Furnace.  
The photo at right shows the partially built dust catcher and gas washing structure.  The dust catcher was turned from a cedar block using plans purchased from Mike Rabbit.  Portions of the wood were covered in .010 styrene with some minimal details added.  Holes were drilled using forstner bits for the downcomer and gas pipe out.  I applied I-Beams to the outside of the dust catcher in a manner similar to the prototype.  The structure is supported by styrene H-Beams and has a small platform with a simply modeled pug-mill and electric motor (Plastruct M-3) 

The partially modeled gas washer structure is shown in the foreground.   The venturi piping (conical section), drop out chamber unde that, and then the gas washer/cooler were all turned from blocks of poplar.  They are on a base constructed of 1/2" MDF with brick veneer.  The foundations for the venturi and washer are constructed of .040 styrene.  The base and foundations will be painted concrete and a brick color.  I still need to add doors to the foundation structures as well as an elaborate steel framework around the structures and additional piping.  The wall seems to have been built to protect the gas cleaning structure from the slag being poured very close by.  The smaller pipe extending from the top of the washer is a blow off device/tower.  It is 1/2" OD pipe.   

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