Monday, May 20, 2013

BOOK REVIEW - INDUSTRIAL Railroading Volume 2

I've stated before on here that I'm not usually disappointed in spending the $60 for one of these Morning Sun Books - well I am on this offering,  Industrial Railroading Volume 2.   I've stuck with this authors Steel Mill Series through Volume 4 without regret.  I did purchase the first Critters - didn't regret the purchase but wasn't thrilled enough to move on to Volume 2.  Didn't get the first Industrial Railroading book, but the steel mill shot on the cover of Volume 2 hooked me, and since they are wrapped in plastic, I didn't realize that the bulk of the photos in the book are just locomotive shots, mostly of bland SW or S units, with the occasional interesting shot and a handful of steel mill views, not enough to justify the purchase cost.  If you are a big Extra 2200 fan, ie locomotives, builder's numbers, loco lineage,..etc.. you won't be disappointed, just not my cup of tea.   Only one photo really intrigued me - it was a 1940's view of the Ford River Rouge  - one of the few shots with no locomotives - just some gons and a Ford 55 ton hopper and of interest to me, some unique bridge cranes that moved scrap from ground level gons to an elevated scrap prep area - something I've wanted to do at my open hearth, but didn't think a prototype existed.

 I've think I've said this before, if you are a steel mill modeler with a limited budget and can only afford one of these Morning Sun books - the Union Railroad is the purchase you should make.  Although the subject matter is almost solely USSteel and their subsidiary Union Railroad, it is chock full of mill shots, rolling stock, train movement info, support facilities - cement, scrap, slag dumps,..etc..  

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