Saturday, March 9, 2013


Another one of those tasks that consume a lot of time, with little to show on the grand scheme of things - platforms and railings on the A-Furnace Stoves.  Besides the circular platforms on the top of the stoves, and the connecting walkway, there are four separate small platforms for each stove.  These are located just below the top of the stoves at two different levels, and are connected to the top platforms by ladders.   Each platform has an access hatch for use in cleaning, repairing, or relining the checker work inside the stoves.
Stove Platforms, railings, and ladders
I also turned a valve body for the mixer line (mixer pipe is a smaller diameter line that connects cold blast and hot blast lines).    I then finished the last few feet of pipe, including the elbow that attached to the hot blast main
Mixer line, valve and connection to hot blast main

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