Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Many light standards to build and attach
Hopefully I'm drawing things to a conclusion soon.  This model is very big so it's hard to access all of it easily on my bench and turning it is now a very careful event.  So, I'm working on one side at a time, trying to complete everything I can easily reach from that angle and then rotating it 90 degrees.  Well that's the plan anyway - I'm only on the first side still.
You can see the end of the lower platform.  I added the hex pieces to form bolt heads for the end cap.  I'm wondering if they are too big or overall it doesn't look right
A big pain in the ass was the lower level platform.  I was afraid to build this first as I thought it might interfere with the piping or something else and create bigger problems.  I cut and assembled the deck from .030 sheet styrene and .060x.060 strips underneath.   I then built the railings and then installed the whole assembly.  Scraps were used for the variety of supports for this structure and it was tied into the stair tower with a Tichy stair.
You can see some of the platform support members as well as the small staircase connecting the platform to the stair tower
Also, some photos of my under construction Benzol Plant.  I don't have the space for a full blown version, so a representative building with a few stills will have to do, for now.


Unknown said...

Jim, as usual, everything looks great! If you're wondering if the hex heads on the bolts look too large, I'd have to say I think they look fine. However, if they look too large to you, then smaller heads would probably be in order. Either way, it looks excellent.

Jib Cranes said...

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