Wednesday, July 25, 2012


The collecting main at Thomas was not the round pipe that you see on the Walthers kit or in Dean Freytag's version, but was instead a squarish 7 sided apparatus.  I knew that building it would be interesting so I put some thought into first.   My original thought was to build it out of sheet styrene, but I was concerned with the tendency of that material to warp, especially longish constructions like the main.  As I have before, I turned to Medium Density Fiberboard, or MDF for short.   I used 1/2" material and cut two pieces and glued them together.  I needed to make two of the cuts to form the angular bottom of the main after the glue up was finished.

glue up in progress
Getting there, you can see the complex profile

A few doses of automotive primer, sanding and light filling, gave me a pretty good looking collecting main.  To attach it to the ovens I drilled a series of 1/8" holes in the bottom of the main using a Dremel drill press with the stop set for depth.  I was then able to insert 1/8" styrene rod into the holes.  3/16" H-columns were glued to the bottom of the rods and then these were glued to .125x.500 styrene.  The styrene strip fit into a groove on the back of the oven and was secured with epoxy.
Adding the legs - you can see the start of my larry car in background

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