Friday, May 4, 2012


First - You can now register for the 2012 STEEL MILL MODELERS MEET.  Click on the Peachcreek Shops website link on the right side of this page and then once there go to the Steel Mill Modelers Meet page on that site.  This is a once a year event held every Labor Day weekend at different locations.  The  event this coming Labor Day weekend will be in Southern New Jersey, close to Philadelphia.  It is a four day event (Thursday afternoon thru Sunday morning)  full of seminars, layout tours, and more.  The seminars, all related to modeling and steel mills are all excellent and this year we have eight layouts open for the saturday tour, all with significant steel mills,  but my personal favorite is the display/vendor room.  Great modeling on display, steel mill stuff to buy that you can't find elsewhere, and a chance to chat and learn from your fellow modelers.    There is more than plenty to do locally if you are bringing your non-interested significant other.   The hotel is very nice and centrally located.    If you have any questions on it please feel free to contact me.  I'm helping coordinate the event.
Wood plug with 0.015 plastic strips 
The past week has seen an flurry of discussion on 8 and 10 axle hot metal bottle cars on the yahoo steel site.  After a bit I started thinking more and more about these cars and remembered plans that Rick Rowlands had put online a few years ago.  Using them and photos Rick took of the prototype in a field at USS Duquesne, I grabbed a piece of scrap - happened to be cherry - and went to the lathe.  It was more an exercise in whether I could do it and also, turning wood is a great way to relax at the end of a workday.   So here is the progression -
Turning a square block into a round block
Starting to look like something

Getting there

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