Monday, May 28, 2012

S.S. VALHALLA - Part 6

We spent the morning marching in the local Memorial Day parade with Jimmy's Boy Scout Troop - Southampton Troop 31.  We had a beautiful day and the walk was a time to reflect on all those, alive and dead,  that gave so much serving our country.

On the modeling front I've pulled the S.S. Valhalla back into drydock to do a bit more work on her.
Adding railings, stair/ladders, lifeboat davits,..etc.
Forecastle - added anchor windlass, an inexpensive resin kit I think from Sylvan.  Also more railings, ladders, bollards, and boom pivot posts.  Holds are next.  Pipe railings are from Central Valley - You get four pretty long ones out of one $6 pack, plus lots of fencing and ladders left over.

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