Thursday, May 17, 2012


I have a little real estate available immediately behind A-Furnace stoves and thought that a Dorr Thickener would fit nicely.   The nearby precipitators and gas washers would no doubt produce a lot of waste water needing treatment.   Several modelers have built very nice Dorr Thickeners out of CD cases.  I considered this, however,  it would have been hard to fit two in my space, but one larger one would work well.  For the tank I used a 6" PVC pipe coupling.  I carefully cut it down using a table saw.  It is attached to a .060 styrene base that extends past the tank walls slightly.  In the center I attached a 7/16" tube that the rotating arm assembly will sit on.  There is also an upper ring that I attached.
Dorr tank, footing, and assembling the top ring

For the rotating assembly I used mostly Walther's conveyor kits - not the "Modern Conveyor" with the curved roof, but rather, the smaller squarish conveyor - just called conveyor kit.   The core is a 1/2" piece of Evergreen tubing surrounded by framework from the conveyor kit.  The arms of the rotating assembly are the same conveyor kit frames, but glued up in triangular sections.
Rotating assembly
Testing for fit

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