Sunday, April 8, 2012


It's been over a year and a half since I touched this model.  The sad thing is that most of the hard stuff is done and what's left is a lot of repetitive modeling that I've done before.  There was one hang up of sorts - the lower conical sections of the vertical intake pipes.   There are four of these so I figured I would make one master and cast the other three pieces.  Well I finally got around to it.
Resin cones
The master was a piece of wood turned on the lathe.  I then made an RTV mold and cast the pieces in gray resin.  With some minor sanding, they fit well.  By the way, don't ask me the purpose of these pieces as I don't really know.   The cone was glued onto the bottom of the intake pipes and then a 1/8" diameter styrene tube was glued in place as the support.
First conical pipe end in place with support pipe
Next I moved onto the walkway on the clean gas manifold.  The usual .030 styrene cut to shape, with .040 strips underneath and then  .030x.080 spacers to lift the platform a little above the pipe to clean the raised joints on the pipe.  I took care on spacing these parts as I planned them to fall where a handrail post is mounted.

Underside of clean gas manifold walkway
The tedious task of adding the handrails is underway

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vince altiere said...

Congratulations to Jimmy and you on his being awarded Eagle Scout status.I never gor past first class back in the day.

Vince Altiere