Sunday, December 4, 2011


Had a semi-productive weekend.  The newly extended Lower Works Branch was finally linked back to the main with the help of Jimmy installing flex track is a very tight area.  I also took the time to lay all the spurs to the forge shop, the heat treatment shop, the lower foundry track, and Machine Shop #2.   Jimmy also climbed up on the platform to lay cork on the branch line up to the coal dock.  This branch is another example of my poor layout planing skills as the middle 8' of it are virtually unreachable from the aisle and I still need to add track, landforms, scenery, backdrop painting,...etc..   Wiring work continues - I put back the circuit breaker board and track feeds into the Coke Works Branch control panel.  I also wiring in a few BD-40 occupancy detectors.  The wiring ahead seems endless, so much for DCC simplifying things.

I added some additional piping to the gas bleeder stack, essentially finishing this structure.  I'll give it the once over with some files and sandpaper and then prime and paint it.
Bleeder in roughly the position it will permanently occupy.
We managed to fit in a quick road trip this weekend, visiting a bunch of railroad, model railroad, and non-railroad sites in South Jersey.   One stop, the Patcong Valley Model Railroad Club featured some very fine modeling and my wife enjoyed looking for the hidden aliens scattered throughout the layout.   Just adjacent to this club, the real Cape May Seashore Lines Railroad was running their Santa Clause specials. Odd looking train with three or four Budd RDC between  Pennsy and CNJ first generation Geeps.
CNJ GP-7 in Richland, NJ (On former PRSL Trackage)
Some additional South Jersey rural railroading in Woodstown, NJ
Very Lightly Traveled Branch to Salem, NJ - Track is in horrible condition and Speed limit is 5mph.
SW something at Woodstown, NJ

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