Friday, November 11, 2011


Finally I was able to get back to some modeling this past week.  The Ensley Mixer project had been at a standstill for awhile - My original roller assembly was solid modeling, just not to scale - the rollers turned out to be too large.  Disgusted with wasting the time I set this aside, but with construction on the Bessemer Plant underway, the mixer will soon be needed.   So, I built the cast supports for the mixer using a variety of solid plastic and plastic strips.  The webbing was punched out and holes filed to size.   Roller assemblies were constructed of 1/4" tubing and solid styrene.  Also, an elevated concrete foundation was built and the four access hatches were molded in resin.

Assembly photos to follow, but first a new product alert - Central Valley has come out with another type of girder assembly.  As you have seen over the years, I love these products and this is just one more type to add to my structures.
New Central Valley Girders

Assembling Cast Bases for Mixer

Foundation and finished supports

Building rollers
Finished Roller Assmebly

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