Tuesday, November 29, 2011


There are only a few elements of the By-Products plant that I haven't built yet, the Bleeder Stack being one.  This is your basic waste gas burner or bleeder, common in steel mills and oil refineries.   Once again I am basing my model on the Thomas Coke prototype.

I started with a simple base structure I turned on the lathe out of some scrap wood.  I turned the horizontal rings of the base in place and also drilled a small hole for the stack.  I added some styrene strip to the base structure and fabricated hold down bolts and their cast fittings using strip, tube, and hex strip.  Still plenty of work to be done on the stack.

Bleeder Stack Base

Full Structure - Stack needs work

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Dana said...

It seems universal. Despite the size of our work benches, we all seem to model in a 3"x3" area. ;)