Sunday, February 6, 2011


We've just returned from a fun weekend spent at the Great Scale Train Show in Timonium, MD with the Capitol Area Free-Mo group.   Now you probably remember a month or so my talk of showing up with our Pipe Foundry Module and three new modules, of course with complete trackwork,  structures, scenery, and electronics  - NOT!    We did manage to show up with the three new modules, sans scenery, some electronics and even a few feet of track - oh - and missing and unfinished buildings.  But we still had a great time - I usually set unrealistic goals as you've probably gathered from this blog, and I was managing to get my self a little stressed last week trying to get things done for the show.  When we finally got down there after leaving at 4:30am on saturday morning, and the modules were set up, and Jimmy was busy running trains, I realized all that fuss was just a waste.  I had a great weekend with a great bunch of guys.  The train show is a great place to participate in a Free-mo set up.  Besides working on the modules, running trains, answering questions, and spreading the word on Free-mo, I usually run into model railroad friends from back in NJ, Steel Mill Modeling friends, and new friends that have previously just been an email address.    Also, there are the hundreds of vendors to tempt me with their wares.    I'll get into the new purchases in a future blog as it's late and unfortunately I still have to do a bunch of work emailing before I can rest.  For now some photos from the weekend - 

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