Sunday, January 2, 2011


I replenished my plastic a bit and pushed onward with the crane.   You've probably noticed by now a little ADD when it comes to sticking to building one model at a time, however, I am trying to finish the majority of the work on the crane in one continuous shot.  Although this model is based on a prototype machine, I am essentially freelancing it so most of the design is in my head.  I'm afraid if I put it down I won't be able recall the elements of the design later on.   With the legs done, I built the trolley assembly from some sort of rectangular tubing scrap, styrene strip, and styrene round punch-outs.   Once complete, these two assemblies were fastened to the legs and the legs fastened to the inner boom - oh yeah, in the meantime I'd also finished the inner boom - same type of construction as the outer boom, including .060 angles as diagonal bracing.    I did had some strip to pack out the channels on the sides of the inner boom to give the legs a good gluing surface.  Remember - KEEP EVERYTHING SQUARE AND TAKE LOTS OF MEASUREMENTS TO CHECK.    As I was on a roll I kept on moving forward with engineering an attachment pivot point for the outer boom - I want to be able to raise this as the prototype would do in order to clear a vessel super structure.  I did have to add a beam to the outer boom and cut back the top diagonal bracing as it was interfering with the operation of the outer boom.   And then finally I started constructing the tower that carries the boom support members.   There is still a lot of work to go, but it's starting to look like something.

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