Saturday, January 1, 2011


I've run out of some Plastruct channels and I-Beams needed to complete the inner boom so I jumped around that an started to work on the legs.  The basis for the four legs are Plastruct pre-fab Warren truss sections - 1/2".  That is where the easy part ends - I didn't like the initial look when you use two of these truss sections to form a box girder type thing - the flanges ruined the look so off they come - just the outer flange overhangs on all four corners.  It's not the easiest thing to do, but a little patience with a razor and file and it will be done.   I used I think .030x.060 or .040x.060 for the cross members and will also use them for  the diagonals that aren't installed yet.  I guestimated the angle of the leg and drew it on a scrap piece of wood.  The important thing is to use your first leg as a guide and just build the rest using that.   I've used some channel to stabilize the top and bottom ends where the leg will attach to the inner boom and the wheel assembly respectively.  Also at the top I've used some angle to form the edge that I will use to attach the legs too the boom.   After all four legs are built (I'm at two right now) I'll add all the remaining diagonal and horizontal structural members.  

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