Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I intend on detailing my coke works/steel mill with extensive piping throughout just like the real thing.  To get an idea of extent of the "real thing"  the black and white photo is a HAER photo of the Beth Steel Lackawanna plant.  I'm not sure I'll be able to hit this level of detail, but I can try to get close.   Of course the largest piping would be the blast furnace and coke gas  mains.  Then you have the hot and cold blasts.  Followed by water, steam, other gases,...etc. plus electrical distribution.   The coke plant, specifically the by-product component is a bit less complicated than the steel mill proper, but there are also lines that aren't found in the steel mill - acid, tar, ammonia liquor,..etc.    Since the by-product works are squeezed between two tracks, with less than a foot of space in width,  the gas and other utilities will have to run down over the railroad track.  It is a spur for the plant itself, so not something unrealistic.   I designed a "bridge" type structure to support the piping and carry the electric on even intervals for a portion of the plant. It is made using the smaller Central Valley lattice girders, 3/16 I Beams, and .060 square styrene bracing.  I used some .020 to cap the girders and .100 as a foundation for the same.  The last picture show two of these bridges in place with some initial piping.

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