Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The steam piping was added to the thermal expansion goggle valve - just some brass rod - .032, strip styrene, and styrene tubing.   I need to file the cut ends of the piping flat.   The second picture shows one of the valves in place on the output side of the gas washer.    For those new to the blog, the gas washer is housed in a large structural framework on the slag runner side of  the A-Furnace casthouse.(part of the structure is a protective wall for the slag track.  This was the second structure that I started working on - at least a year ago.  There are a lot of structural steel elements and walkways to add to it, however, I was waiting to finish the piping.  The hang up with the piping were the two valves that I kept putting off building.   The remaining piping are a series of segmented bends and connecting pipes - on one side the dust catcher, on the other, the precipitator complex (this is a separate blog topic)

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