Sunday, November 8, 2009


There should probably be a sub-title for this blog - secondary mill.   I intend to have at least two rolling mills on the layout - the primary mill is going to be located just off the main yard and one secondary mill will be located on the coke works branch.   I am working on the secondary mill first.  The main building is built from two of the old Walther's Rolling Mill kits.   The newer version is actually two of the old building with a roll stand and various other details.   I was able to purchase the interior as a separate kit from Walthers.  It contains all of the interior details from the kit.    Prior to the release of this kit I had purchased some resin castings of a rolling mill and a scale breaker.  These are well done and reasonably priced castings, but they are not complete kits - much needs to be added to complete them.    In comparing the resin mill stands to the Walthers, the resin stands are much larger.   I intend to use these larger stands in my primary mill, and use the Walthers stands in the secondary mill.  Eventually I will be putting four of these stands together.  The photo shows the first stand pretty much complete.  I need to add some additional pieces to build up the conveyors to the right level.  The motor and drive train details, which are well done, need to be truncated a bit to fit in the building and still have one of the tracks useable.  I have sawn off the one motor completely.  This actually is prototypical, as the motors were usually in their own room, to isolate them from the dirty rolling process and to keep them cool.   

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