Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Finally getting back to some modeling.  We spent some time cleaning up the whirlwind debris from the push to get the free-mo module finished and organizing the tools again,....etc.  We also started laying some track on the coke-works branch of the layout.  This was originally a city of sorts in the older version of the layout.  It was all code 70 track which we are preserving where ever possible, especially with the turnouts.  Should hopefully have this section up and running by next week.   As far as steel goes, this branch has the coke works and the finishing pipe mill for the steel plant.  
Speaking of the coke works - I put the doors on the quench locomotive and painted it a machine green type color.  It's been weathered a bit but needs a little more after I install the glass and operator.  It also still needs a few details like a searchlight and fire extinguisher.  I also have to figure out an arrangement by which the loco gets power - some sort of side mounted trolley type pickup.   I don't want to install this until I put something on the actually model representing these wires.  

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