Sunday, August 16, 2009


I had a half decent few days working on the pipe foundry project.  You never seem to get as much done as you'd like.   Work done was as follows:
1.  On the cupola baghouse - I trashed the original leg system that was pictured in the last blog - it was hastily built and not engineered well.  Just handling it pieces would come detached and I figured this would be a never ending repair item.  I can't have this on a model that is essentially meant to be portable.  I worked out a newer, simpler design show sitting on top of the baghouse.  
2.  The cupola building - I had hoped to finish siding this building.  I ran out of Evergreen .040x.040 corrugated material and won't be able to get some new sheets for a few days.   I built some of the afterburner and blast door assembly.  We also turned the gas washer from a block of wood and started with the downcomer/gas washer assembly.  This was all built on a sheet of .060 styrene and attached to the main cupola building.   The blast door does work although the stack under goes nowhere.  
3.  The water tower.   I know I probably shouldn't be wasting my time on a water tower, however, at the prototype foundry in Burlington, NJ the water tower is a fairly distinct feature of the site and also carries the US Pipe logo on it.   I just thought it would be an interesting feature to the module.   Most of the commercially produced water towers are incredibly small compared to the prototypes and I intend to build at least one or two towers for my layout, so this is sort of a test bed for me.   I used a few manufactured parts for this tower - Central Valley Truss Columns and Rix Water Tank sections.   The body of the tower is Rix Water Tank sections - built using only 5 pieces per ring to give the tank a diameter of just over 20'.   The top and bottom are vac-formed pieces of .040 styrene.  I turned masters from a wood block.  There is a .030 platform between the bottom of the tank and the main tank.  This is reinforced with .060x.060 styrene.  I need to still add the top, railings, ladder, fill pipe, and a few other details.    

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