Sunday, July 19, 2009


I had been putting off the hot blast main on the stove assembly for a few weeks.  It is a bit more difficult than it appears.  The hot blast valves are a simple 3/4" dowel with some turning done to create the center seal section.  Much more detail will be added.  This valve is cut to fit around another 3/4" dowel that horizontally connects to each of the stoves.  Thats the easy part - the 3/4" dowels connecting the valves to the main are more difficult.  They come off the hot blast valve and hit the main at a 30 degree angle.  Well that might be sort of simple if the main didn't take a 10 degree turn after the first valve.  The second valve attached at a steeper, 40 degree angle,  and the third valve reverted to a 60 degree attachment, but of a different length.  The whole thing was a big mess but with some filling and sanding I'm hoping the pipes look like they flow well.  

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