Tuesday, June 9, 2009


With the shells built previously from Rix water tank sections I needed to make the tops and bottoms for the precipitator vessels.  I had previously turned a mold for the tops and bottoms from a block of cedar on the lathe.  Using this as the master I vac-formed four pieces (2 tops and 2 bottoms) from .030 styrene. (I showed how to build this vac-former in an earlier blog)  After a little cutting and sanding I glued the tops and bottoms on the tank sections.  I then cut legs from 5/32 H-Column, gluing on 8 per precipitator.   I used .060 styrene angle as the bracing.  I cut the platforms from .030 styrene using a Fiskars circle cutter, laying out sections first to aid in spacing the railing posts.  I reinforced the outside edge of the platforms with .040x.040 styrene and then glued the assembly in place.  I used .040x.040 styrene for diagonal braces/supports.

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