Thursday, March 5, 2009


Some more pictures from a recent research trip.  
The bridges of Linden, NJ -  two neat little lift bridges on the Elizabeth River between Linden and Elizabeth, NJ -  not railroad structures but would still make nifty little models, especially the bascule bridge.  Believe it or not the bascule bridge is still manned - it appears the only boat traffic are a half dozen small motor boats just west of this bridge (the bascule) - the remainder of the river is devoid of any sort of marine facilities.    The Elizabeth River starts just to the east of the Bascule bridge at the Arthur Kill.  (The Arthur Kill runs between Raritan Bay and Newark Bay with the east shore being Staten Island and the west shore, New Jersey.  The main channel into New York harbor actually parallels the Arthur Kill, but on the eastern side of Staten Island.)    
The other photo is of a I have no clue locomotive.  It was taken at a junkyard just south of the Bascule Bridge in the Bayway section of Linden, NJ .   The hood looks sort of GE 44 tonner but Im not sure about the headlamps.  Also the trucks?  Someone said maybe a military 44 tonner that has been modified - help.  Please email me if you know.  If someone made a model version it would be right at home in a model steel mill

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